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Satellite Broadband: Impressive Progress in a Changing Market

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Satellite broadband is here to stay, and the emphasis has shifted from introducing Ka-band and extolling its virtues to service provision and the drive for profitability. Toda's customers of every stripe expect the same service and experience regardless of location, device, frequency, or connectivity. They see satellite as part of thecloud and expect satellite services to be seamlessly integrated into world and local networks. Meanwhile, the wireless industry touts an any applications anywhere capability, but the necessary bandwidth and QOS do not exist everywhere. The satellite industry can solve this problem by mixing various space-based technologies into the cloud. There is a marked shift to providing broadband that can then carry other content, such as television programming or communications. The new generation of Ka-band satellites shows promise to be a fiber alternative as well as a consumer broadband solution. How will this multifaceted promise be realized?

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