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Competing for Customers: The MSS CEOs Speak Out 

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The last year has seen dramatic developments in the MSS market. New systems have been announced and multi-billion dollar contracts signed. Next generation satellites and new services have been launched, bringing renewed competition to the handheld market, amongst others. MSS revenue growth has also held up through the economic downturn, despite continued pricing pressure. Nevertheless, it is still far from clear whether all of the MSS systems being developed will be able to generate a return on investment for their investors. Spectrum continues to be a key issue for MSS operators, with debate at the FCC over how best to increase the “value, utilization, innovation, and investment in MSS spectrum”, and discussion over what the future will hold for satellite systems developed to take advantage of the Ancillary Terrestrial Component (ATC) rules. Some MSS operators are also facing the prospect of head-to-head competition with the FSS sector to provide mobile broadband services. Will 2011 bring a long awaited shake-out amongst MSS operators, and if so who will emerge successful? Will MSS be able to defend its existing spectrum allocations in the face of challenges from terrestrial wireless operators? How will new ATC networks impact the market for existing MSS users? Hear from the industry’s CEOs about what they expect for the future.


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