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Opening General Session: The Big Four: At the Center of the Satellite Universe

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Sponsored by Thales Alenia Space When it comes to the Big Four  the CEOs of Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES, and Telesat, the world's four leading commercial geosynchronous satellite constellations, opportunities and threats often appear at their offices in the same disguises. Will new satellite manufacturing centers open the door to reduced costs and streamlined delivery, or will these options result in flagging reliability and on-orbit problems? Will an expansion of available launch vehicles accelerate time-to-orbit or complicate the marketplace by compromising the business plans of established service providers? Can next-gen television and other video services expand to new content platforms or will all the current frenzy collapse in a sequence of false starts and expensive reboots? Are new markets waiting to be harvested, and what are they? Can these satellite services providers take the lead in spurring the development of new on-ground and in-orbit technologies, or will it be business as usual for the foreseeable future?

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