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Opening General Session: The Big Four: Visionary Leadership Driving Innovation

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Visionary leadership has been a key attribute driving the success of the global satellite-enabled marketplace over the past half century. This has never been truer than it is right now! The Big Four chief executives of the world’s leading geosynchronous satellite operators – SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat, and Telesat – set the pace for decision-making, technology adoption, partnering strategies, new market development, regional focus, the competitive landscape, and more. As this critical telecommunications bazaar has grown, so too has the requirement to command a clear view of the future. Will commercial, consumer, and government demand worldwide for communications services via satellite continue to drive investment in innovation? Are there enough options for flexible and adaptive spacecraft within the satellite manufacturing sector? Can available and projected launch vehicles keep pace? What alternate and potentially game-changing technologies threaten – or enhance – the ability of satellite solutions to remain viable for decades to come?

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