A Satellite Acquisition Model for the Modern Age: Enabling Service Men and Women Anywhere, Anytime


The DoD has reached a turning point in satellite acquisition and deployment from narrowband to wideband, as well as protected SATCOM. As the budget forecast for the foreseeable future does not cover the replacement or addition of systems other than those for existing programs of record, U.S. commanders would find it unthinkable to proceed into combat without the very latest, most advanced satellite capabilities. Participants on this panel will offer their perspectives and background on the current acquisition model and insight on a more proactive approach to integrated architecture where COMSATCOM is complementary and ensures robust and globally accessible SATCOM delivered as a service. A key focus will center on how ‘SATCOM as a Service’ allows for access on demand to satellite capability, end-to-end, to include transponders, equipment terminals, backhaul, capacity, features. With no infrastructure charges or R&D investment on their part, customers travel from one location to another, and simply “plug in” to get what they need, when they need it.

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