Closing General Session: Global Launch Services – How the World Fell in Love with Rockets All Over Again


Without rockets, there would be no satellites. When all is going well, the world’s satellite-enabled universe is at peace. But when things go wrong, it’s a different story. Reliability is key. With everyone working on new rockets, will the market have any reliable launchers, or will every launch be a heavily insured gamble with very high stakes? Meanwhile, the debate about reusability has evolved from “interesting idea” to future possibility. Nearly everyone is embracing it, though some with longer timelines than others. Can the reusable rocket business model live up to the promise of reduced cost, without sacrificing reliability? And what is the best way to pursue reuse? At the same time, demand for dedicated SmallSat launches is rising while GEO orders have suffered a recent decline. The shifting needs of satellite operators and the influx of new launch players, begs the questions: Is the launch market nearing over saturation, and how are providers evolving to meet the changing needs of satellite operators?

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