Developments in the Adoption of Commercial Hosted Payload and Smallsats for Government Use


It is time to get the US Government along with other governments (Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, etc..) to start awarding government contracting vehicles (satellite government payloads) to be hosted on a commercial satellites. Such an award should not be limited for space exploration and scientific missions. In fact, it should also include military communications payloads hosted on commercial satellites to be utilized for the life cycle of such commercial satellites by providing highly reliable, secure line of communication for all government officials in theatre. Such line of communication can be provided on a much more affordable and much more efficient space segment platform and the only way to do so is by having Hosted Payload Solution or HoPS program being utilized in full. While hosted payloads and small satellites offer different trade-offs, they both offer attributes mission planners are looking for – mission flexibility, lowered costs, less risk, faster time to orbit, reduced operational and technical complexity. So what is stopping the Government from utilizing such made available efficient and highly secure HoPS platform? Is it a traditional mindset or an innovative mindset that is affecting the alignment of buying and selling process? Is it a policymaker misalignment? Is it a misalignment within the talented personals exploiting their core business coming from both commercial and government sectors? Where are the gaps? How do we close such gaps?”

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