How Long is Mexico’s Road to High-Tech Satellite Industry Success?


Mexico is not Latin America. The differences between Mexico’s satellite and aerospace industries are vastly different than Brazil’s. Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to give the North American nation it’s appropriate level of attention. There are significant government sector investments being made to advance Mexico’s space and satellite industry. While its broadcast market remains dominated by the nation’s powerful telcos, the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport has been aggressive and successful in its efforts to bridge the rural digital divide. It has established partnerships with commercial operators through its Conectado initiative, designed to yield much-needed satellite bandwidth to the nation. The Mexican satellite community has overcome several setbacks and difficulties – from launch failures to consolidation – and yet finds itself in a position to lead the world as an example of how to cultivate economic growth in rural, unserved communities. Our Mexico-focused International Forum session will explain why the nation’s space economy is much different than its neighbors in Central and South America and identify opportunities for Mexico to shorten its path to aerospace leadership in the Americas.

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