Integrating LEO Constellations into Teleport Services



The year 2019 is a critical one for the first attempt to integrate LEO systems with teleports since Iridium will loft a large-scale constellation of low-earth-orbit satellites promising to transform global communications. There is also a simultaneous ground challenge for LEOs that are supporting Earth Observation (EO) use cases as LEOs are a valuable source of imagery, sensor collection and RF signal analysis. The potential success of OneWeb’s constellation could also have major market impacts for GEO satellite operators and teleport operators. Already, LEO operators are in serious deal-making mode with operators of ground segment to provide the gateways they need to manage and provide access to their constellations. At a moment when most of that impact is still to come, we seek answers from LEO constellations in development, GEO operators, teleport operators and the examples of Iridium, Globalstar and Thuraya integration into the business model of teleport operators. We also must explore and discuss creative approaches to providing the necessary ground segment support for the explosion in LEO EO satellites.