Move Fast Without Breaking Things, Adapting a Silicon Valley Mindset in Aerospace



The Silicon Valley mantra of “Move Fast and Break Things” has triggered a new approach to launching and scaling companies quickly. Fueled by an influx of venture capital, entrepreneurs are now applying this mindset to launching and scaling satellite constellations – and likewise challenging today’s industry leaders to think nimbly about changing market dynamics.

This presentation explores how the space industry can apply elements of the Silicon Valley mindset alongside the expertise developed across decades of experience – deciding when to buy and when to build; how to develop industry partnerships to enable quick go-to-market cycles; and how to leverage existing infrastructure to scale quickly. The discussion will also explore operational realities of space, where too much speed can lead to exacerbated risk – particularly in the regulatory and hardware development domains. This presentation will look through the lens of KSAT’s experience in delivering mission success across diverse customer sets with unique requirements.