The View from Venture Capital: Finding a Unicorn in the Haystack



The satellite industry remains a significant target for both new ideas and new capital as investors ever search for the “next SpaceX”. Whether it is broadband to fixed or mobile platforms, new launchers, large constellations, innovative EO or data analytics plays, VC players sees great potential in the emerging space market. However, despite the influx of funding, most new players struggle to present short -term business cases enabling typical 5X returns in 5 years. Uncertain addressable markets, competition and price erosion all serve as sizable challenges in the current paradigm. Will VC firms extend their return horizon and risk appetite, or will they eventually move downstream? What are the next big ideas that could match a VC led investment? The round table will explore the VC addressable space economy, with prognosis on business case viability and possibilities of high value returns.