Advanced Software-Defined and Digital Satellite Concepts


Payload Technologies and capabilities are quickly evolving to answer the new market needs in terms of mission capacities and functionalities – Digital Payloads, Q/V-Bands, Photonics, etc. What are the short and long term payload technological breakthroughs that may change the satellite business? Explore new, innovative designs for payloads, as well as new capabilities and functionalities offered by these technologies. Our speakers will also explore the subject of Software Defined Radios (SDR) and how the small satellite and cube satellite communities have reaped the benefits of early adoption – flexible, in-orbit RF communications, configuration and frequency agility. The GEO satellite community is now carefully looking at this on a larger scale for digital manipulation of spectrum and optimization of payload resource use. Are digital payloads the next leap in GEO technology and a move towards a digital electric satellite?

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