Can Satellite Services Prosper in Online and Mobile Video?


The enormous growth of video streaming has been a boon to content owners and Internet Service Providers but less joyful for the service providers that have long dominated video distribution. The market continues to evolve with the rise of original online programming as a competitive differentiator for Netflix, which is expanding internationally at a rapid pace, and the precedent-shattering decision of HBO to offer subscriptions outside the cable MSO market. Meanwhile, European over-the-top video revenues grew 51% in 2013 alone to reach $2.3 billion and are expected to pass $13.7 billion by 2020. Yet these same developments also create new opportunities for service providers nimble enough to seize them and deliver solutions that combine multiple transmission paths and technologies. As more players find their way into the marketplace, it gives service providers the chance to apply their experience and technology to a new customer base. This session opens a discussion among service providers and the companies they serve about the current and future direction of a market that is shifting beneath their feet.

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