The Annual Satellite Executive of the Year Winners Circle


For nearly three decades, Via Satellite’s Satellite Executive of the Year award has honored leaders and entrepreneurs in all facets of satellite services. Never has the sector been more exciting than it is today. Space technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that it has forced significant advances in ground-based equipment. New launch vehicles are changing the economics of getting into space and doing business there. If the stars align, some of the bold satellite constellations proposed or explained since SATELLITE 2015 will be successful in bringing global broadband and other capabilities to the fore. Satellite manufacturing techniques are adapting to new paradigms in time to delivery, volume and complexity of models, continued miniaturization and production processes. Downward pricing pressures in some world regions, coupled with the aggressive plans of emerging marketplace entrants, are forcing the big players to think differently about the value equation for communications via satellite. Financing for the “new space” era means billions of dollars are flowing into the idea pipeline, promising to change the future of space-based services. Finally, the satellite industry is beginning to realize the value of comprehensive imagery and remote sensing data, driving a surprisingly vast group of new customers to satellite’s doorstep. What does the future look like from the point of view of market makers who have “been there, done that?” What do they see as threats to satellite-enabled services? What advice would they offer to existing and new players? What new directions for global and localized satellite services are they considering?

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