CTO Roundtable Breakfast: Expanding Stakes in an Expanding Network of Technologies


Lower launch costs and faster manufacturing turnaround times lower risks for satellite CEOs, but also provide more freedom and flexibility for satellite CTOs to get creative and ambitious with long-term technology plans. Combined with the impact of high-speed, high-throughput satellite (HTS) services coming online, the satellite community finds itself invested in the development of a widening range of technologies, standards and consumer devices. The Internet-of-Things (IoT), for example, will require satellite to some degree in order to realize software and hardware developers’ visions of a seamless connected device network. Can satellite determine its own degree of involvement by investing directly in IoT software and hardware development? Can satellite take a leadership role in developing the standard that ties the IoT world together? This is just one example of an opportunity for satellite CTOs to expand their influence on the larger connectivity ecosystem. Denis Curtin leads a panel of CTOs from a wide range of markets that will explain how HTS rollouts, constellation proposals and enterprise, government and consumer needs alter the course of satellite technology evolution and require greater involvement in an expanding realm of innovation.

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