The Satellite Imagery and Remote Sensing Renaissance: Can DataSets Change the World?


There is tremendous value in comprehensive data produced by remote-sensing/imagery satellites – not just in a pure economic sense, but also in its power to change the way the entire world operates. From accurate weather forecasting models to unlimited toolsets for civil engineers and city planners, remote sensing has evolved into a satellite product with the potential to become one of the world’s most critical resources of information. For example, Planet Labs recently announced that they are releasing a beta version of “Planet Platform,” an open-license HD satellite imagery database of California that anyone can use for whatever purpose they choose. Why makes Planet Labs, their peers and their investors so confident in the future of remote sensing that they’re willing to give the world such a vast, free sample of comprehensive data? Remote sensing enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds have come together for this session to share the answer, as well as demonstrations of the latest tools being developed for tomorrow’s businesses, schools, farms, research facilities and consumers.

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