Opening General Session: Global Satellite Operator CEOs – In Case You Missed It, Everything’s Changed


If 2015 was the year that satellite players around the world agreed that fixed satellite services and mobile satellite services have become inseparably blurred, SATELLITE 2016 will be the occasion to explore fully the competitive, operational, strategic, and other complexities this evolution has created. To delve more deeply into the challenges, opportunities, and threats the new global satellite-enabled marketplace will encounter over the next year, five years, decade, SATELLITE 2016 this year welcomes Inmarsat to the podium. With SATELLITE 2016 we mark a departure from the past and recognize a future where the dividing lines between fixed satellite services and mobile satellite services continue to diminish at a very quick pace. Joining our traditional Big Four – the CEOs of Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat, and Telesat – is the chief executive of Inmarsat. This expansion reflects our promise to engage the entire global satellite-enabled marketplace with perspectives and points of view across the broad spectrum of space-based services and products. It’s not a moment too soon. Significant and measurable downward pressure on transponder pricing has precipitated new approaches by the Big Five to existing as well as emerging markets. As the technology infrastructure for satellite becomes even more robust and affordable, terrestrial solutions and orbital alternatives nonetheless threaten to carve out prime pockets of profitability while also expanding the addressable marketplace worldwide. Blood may be spilled in the short term, but satellite has always been defined by resiliency. How will HTS change the equation? What shape will the future satellite-enabled global marketplace take? How will established players such as the Big Five morph into multi-faceted service providers that take advantage of the long view and operational efficiencies to serve core and future needs? What new services will use existing satellite capacity? Which companies will be winners, and which will be losers?

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