The Space-Based Cloud A New Dimension For Cybersecurity



The emerging commercial space economy presents an opportunity for game-changing innovation through the evolution of satellite communications platforms to platforms that enable spaced-based cloud services. One area of innovation is the intersection of commercial space, cloud services and cybersecurity. Highly sensitive, high value data are strategic assets for organizations and, as a result of the terrestrial and cloud infrastructure, is constantly at risk of a data breach. Whether it is an organization such as finance/banking, government, military, oil/gas, media or cryptocurrency services or blockchain-based services; there is effectively an infinite opportunity to breach the global terrestrial infrastructure to commit cybercrimes that can have a disastrous impact. Speakers on this panel session will explain the advantages of cloud and enterprise network services in space. The conversation will include an in-depth look at cybersecurity services at various orbits. The panel will address the question – Can LEO/MEO/GEO support a roadmap of cloud services that includes blockchain based applications and services?