Ultra HD in Central & South America – Are the Economic Conditions in Place for Mainstream Adoption?


For years, the discussion regarding HD and Ultra HD adoption in new markets always centered on the dependence of a major worldwide sporting event to drive consumer demand. Brazil’s good fortune in landing both the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games brought some in the broadcast community to the belief that the two events would speed up the nation’s path to widespread take-up of Ultra HD services. Economic conditions in Brazil, however, have changed since the beginning of the decade and so, outlook on the region’s ability to invest in entertainment technology also has to change… Or, does it? This session sheds speculation and brings satellite industry leaders from Brazil and South America together to discuss and determine which economic conditions are currently and/or need to be present in order for Ultra HD to see widespread success – beyond just the cost of a television set. Our speakers will discuss everything from state of infrastructure to quality and quantity of content and more!

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