Africa: The Continent’s Broadband Infrastructure Growth Chart – What’s in Place and What’s Coming


The race to provide accessible connectivity services to Africa is on – and there are several operators and providers in the race. OneWeb founder Greg Wyler took the stage at SATELLITE 2015 to lay out a two-pronged, ground- and space-segment strategy to connect individuals and civil services in Africa. Facebook recently announced it is buying its own bandwidth from Eutelsat to deliver free Internet services to Africans via Spacecom satellites. Telesat’s wide-ranging Ku-band Telstar 12 Vantage satellite built by Airbus aims to touch regions from South America, all the way to Africa. With all of these new offerings coming to the continent, it’s time to update the connectivity map and get organized and that’s exactly what our panelists are going to do. We’re bringing operators together with regional experts to get into the specifics of the geography instead of looking at Africa as one big continent. Which nations have the highest and lowest levels of demand? Which governments will be easiest and most difficult to work with and why? Where will satellite be competing with terrestrial and where are the opportunities to partner with cellular companies? Our panelists will collaborate to organize Africa’s connectivity road map, which we think might provide different answers than expected.

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