In-Flight Connectivity: Show Me the Bandwidth


Over the last year, passenger interest in staying connected whilst in flight has grown, but so have complaints about lack of bandwidth. Nevertheless JetBlue has shown how provision of high quality free services can create a transformative passenger experience. Now providers and airlines alike are rushing to enhance their services, taking advantage of the launch of many different HTS satellites and innovative new antenna technology. Nevertheless, Air-To-Ground links still account for about half of the connected passenger aircraft, and Inmarsat is pushing forward with a European ATG network via a partnership with Deutsche Telekom and Lufthansa. Which technologies are best placed to cope with the growth in user expectations for bandwidth? And will paid-for or free to passenger business models predominate? Hear from connectivity providers and airlines about how they expect the inflight connectivity market to evolve, and which solutions they believe will win out in the long run.

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