SATELLITE 2019 – Monday Sessions




Sessions Include:

  • Big Science with Small Satellites
  • Constellations Do the Business Models Close
  • Entrepreneurship in Africa, Emerging Market Trends
  • HTS Satellite 101
  • Monday Luncheon & Keynote Address – U.S. Vice President Mike Pence & Klaus Bruun Egeberg
  • Legislative Issues Likely To Impact The Commercial Satellite Sector
  • NASA Innovations in Space Communications and Navigation, The Decade of Light
  • Rockets Built and Launched in Days, Instead of Years
  • SGx Keynote Series
  • Satellite Startup Pitch Workshop
  • Startup Finance Roundtable Choosing the Best Path to Growth
  • The Economic Impact of Mitigating Orbital Debris
  • The European Data Relay System (EDRS) Past, Present and Future
  • The Global Quest for Space Leadership and Competitiveness
  • The State of Satellite Financing, The Analysts Speak
  • The View from Venture Capital, Finding a Unicorn in the Haystack
  • They Thought We Were Crazy… And We Had To Be
  • What’s The Next Big Idea