SATELLITE 2019 – Wednesday Sessions




Sessions Include:

  • 5G Satellite Flying Base Stations
  • Advanced Analytics for Remote Sensing
  • Closing Session From the Outside Looking In Industry 4.0 in Space
  • End-User Needs More Than Just Satellite Data
  • Factoring 5G into the Future of Satellite Service Providers
  • How Satellites Break Cultural Barriers on the Digital Frontier
  • In-Flight Connectivity Next-Generation Service from New Satellites
  • Innovative Satellite for Peru’s Connected Transportation Network – A Case Study
  • Integrating LEO Constellations into Teleport Services
  • Launch Services Roundtable NGSO and the New Smallsat Rockets
  • Mission Assurance for Small Satellites
  • NASA’s Leadership in Positioning, Navigation, and Timing
  • NGSO Communication Innovation Technology and Market Updates
  • On-Orbit Servicing in a Global Context
  • Our Collective Role in Empowering Women and Cultivating Diversity in Aerospace
  • Profitability at the Bleeding Edge Fact or Fiction
  • Satellites, Teleports and Big Data
  • The Emerging Role of Commercial Spaceflight in Earth Remote Sensing Science
  • The Role of Satellites in On-Demand Provision of Wireless Networks
  • Updating Government Satellite Service Models
  • WRC-19 What’s At Stake for the Satellite Industry
  • What’s the Technology Roadmap to Low-Cost Ground Systems