SATELLITE 2019 – Tuesday Sessions




Sessions Include:

  • Advanced Lightweight Mirrors for Space-Based Missions
  • Closing Session: Space Leaders Forum Navigating the Fractured Geopolitical
  • Current Trends in Phased Array Antennas for GSO and NGSO-based User Terminals
  • Delivering Critical Data from Any Size Platform
  • Global Satellite Operators, The Future Is Now
  • Innovation in Position, Navigation, and Timing Resiliency
  • Ka-, Ku-Band Backhaul Solutions for a New Wireless Age
  • Making Earth Observation Data More Accessible and Commercially Actionable
  • Miniaturizing Satellite Antennas with Metal 3D Printing
  • OTT and Streaming Digital Media Services
  • Protecting Earth’s Natural Resources from Space Food, Water, Farms, and Forests
  • Software-Defined Satellites for a Software-Defined Industry
  • Launch Services Roundtable: GSO and Heavy-Lift
  • UAVs, High-Altitude Platforms, and Satellites Cooperation or Competition