The Regulatory Burdens of Export Controls on Commercial Space


U.S. export controls on non-military spacecraft were significantly realigned in 2014 but are still alive and well. Export compliance requirements have eased for most segments of the commercial space industry. However, determining how to be, and how to remain, in compliance with U.S. export controls has in most cases become more complex for those new to the Commerce Department’s Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”). This lively and informative program will address highlights of commercial space commodities, technology, and software moved from the ITAR to the EAR. Speakers will also decipher EAR regulations and provide perspectives on how the realigned export controls applicable to commercial use of space have been working, as well as outline important benefits for non-U.S. users of U.S. commodities, technology, and software, the effects of regulation on private commercial spaceflight ventures, lunar landing missions, Mars exploration and asteroid prospecting.

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